The Mouse City is a unique place in Kolobrzeg which makes these small rodents look friendly again. It presents them as pets, very intelligent and incredibly agile animals. You may fall in love with them and watch them for long hours.


Attractions in Kolobrzeg – attractions for children and adults = THE MOUSE CITY.

The Mouse City is an incredible, full of positive energy place with about 500 little mice. The building is hidden underground in a place of the former Harbour Master's Office located in the passenger port (about 50m away from the lighthouse in Kolobrzeg). The interior imitates the mousehole with green grass and corridors with original fluorescent pipes that resemble the sewage system that is located underground of each city.

The corridors will lead you to certain rooms presenting different style:

- Country 
- Winter 
- Holiday 
- Town 
- Tropical island

Each of these rooms has been arranged in a very creative way. It has been furnished with little architecture designed for mice – tiny houses, bridges and props deliberately chosen to reflect the atmosphere of the particular room. In one of them you may get to know the habits of mice living in the country, in another – big-city life. You may see how little mice are born and how their older relatives deal with severe winter conditions, whereas others rest on holiday or on a tropical island.

Only here you may see all different kinds of mice: white, spotted, brown, purebred, curly-furred, hairless or even the smallest mice on Earth – pygmy mice.

As soon as you get into the mousehole, you will discover the fascinating world of mice which is presented in a fairy tale-style scenery. If you were afraid of these little creatures before, you will soon forget about this feeling. 
Like children who are so curious about the world, you are going to discover some surprising facts from the life of these little animals. You will know, for example how they breed, what their favourite kind of food is or what habits they have.

All this will happen in Kolobrzeg. We created this one of a kind place in the world – attractions for children Kolobrzeg.

The Mouse City. Is it a museum? Or any kind of exhibition? It is simply an amazing attraction in Kolobrzeg. We are located 50m away from the lighthouse and ships taking you for a trip and offering a pleasant cruise on the Baltic Sea.


When you already visited The Mouse City, now it's time for you to go to the 'Mashoperia' 6D Museum. It is also the one of its kind museum in Europe. Situated at 15 Rodziewiczowny Street (Albax Centre) in Kolobrzeg – PROMENADE. 

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